Hey, folks!

Many people are not aware that they can find replacement hardware and other parts for many types of antique/vintage furniture such as kitchen cabinets (you know, those roll top doors and sugar bins and even porcelain tops). If you need to replace a piece of hardware or trim or some other feature on your vintage furniture, I can recomend three options:

  • The first is to buy modern replicas from a supplier. Two good ones are:

    WSI Distributors


    Phyllis Kennedy Hardware

    Go online and/or call and ask for one of their catalogs.

  • Your second option is to be on the lookout for the genuine article at flea markets and antique malls – many dealers sell this type of salvage - for instance one booth has a basket full of old doorknobs and hinges at Leaping Leopard Antiques, and I have purchased old bronze or brass claw feet covers for table legs and old drawer knobs and pulls at the Covered Bridge Festival Flea Markets.

  • Your third option is similar to the second. Look for the genuine article on ebay. Type in "antique hardware" or more specifically what you’re looking for ie) "casters" in their search box. Make note of the categories that pop up in your search results. It make take a few tries to learn which categories people choose to post these items in and the terms they use to describe them.

    I have successfully sold authentic vintage kitchen cabinet parts on
    ebay (as well as purchased some gorgeous old walnut Victorian carved drawer pulls - prices often go high for the real thing, but sometimes the bidder gets lucky :).


And, by the way, whichever option you choose — Happy browsing! :D


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