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Samples of Jeanne's Work

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Before After

Firma and Glen Phillips Before

Firma and Glen Phillips Portrait After
This old photo of my Great Aunt Firma and Uncle Glen Phillips has several problems. The primary ones are that the color has shifted and the entire photo has darkened. There are also some surface scratches and smudges. Here's what the photo looks like after it has been brightened and the colors have been restored. What a difference! A restoration like this for a 5x7 photo would cost $10.00.
Before After
Bronx Rooftop - Before Bronx Rooftop -  After
This photo of me with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Tom Durant on a rooftop in the Bronx circa 1953 was scanned from an old 35 mm slide. The photo appears somewhat faded and has an overall blue color cast as well as some dust and scratches. Here is the repaired photo with the color cast removed. It has also been brightened. A restoration like this would cost $0.75 cents
Before After
Cletus and Ruth - Before
Cletus and Ruth - After
This professional photograph of my in-laws was done by Olan Mills. It is badly faded, perhaps by the sun and the surface had started to crackle. Here is the photo with the colors restored (as best we could remember them) and the crackles repaired. This restoration was one of my early attempts and I think I will revisit it to do something about those skin tones! A restoration of this magnitude of an 8x10 photo would cost $15.00.
Before After
Merry Go Round - Before
Merry Go Round - Before
Here's another circa 1953 photo scanned from a 35 mm slide. This photo appears to have some fading as well as a cyan color cast, and some dust and scratches. Here is the repaired photo brightened and with the color cast removed. A restoration like this would cost $0.75 cents
Before After
Claude - Before
Claude - After
I carried this photograph of my granddad circa 1960 in my wallet for years before I lovingly moved it to a photo album. It is a wonderful photograph of him. For the restoration, I repaired folds and creases and painted the corners back in - they had broken off..I also painted part of the tie back in. It had been covered by tape. I did choose to change the photo to black and white, but could have left it as a sepia toned photo. A restoration of a photo this size that involves repainting would cost $2.00

If you have old photos you would like to restore, give Jeanne a call at 765-523-2366, or email me.

If you would like to provide me with scans, your precious photos need never even leave your possession. I can return the repaired photos via email, the web, or on a dvd.